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CCDC works with diverse groups and issues

Schools & Colleges

Workshops that give teachers and students in schools and colleges an experience of teaching/learning that is participatory, insightful, and joyous. Also, TO-based courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

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Medical Humanities

Workshops for medical students and faculty on humanising the profession, and patient-centred healthcare. Training for medical faculty to bring the principles of TO into their teaching.

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Mental Health

Workshops for individuals, communities and organizations interested in addressing mental health issues. We address challenges such as stigma, care-giving, starting conversations around mental health, and accessing mental healthcare.

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Senior Citizens

Workshops for senior citizens aimed at general wellbeing, creating a space for sharing, and building emotional and mental strength. Forum Theatre to address specific issues such as Life after retirement, elder abuse, dementia, etc.

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TO in the time of COVID-19

The global COVID-19 pandemic has caused severe disruptions in the lives of communities around the world. Nationwide lockdowns, social distancing, work from home, have all heightened anxieties and intensified existing struggles. With on-site physical theatre ruled out, CCDC has been able to offer creative adaptations of TO to help communities build resilience in these trying times. We have conducted online Theatre of the Oppressed workshops for youth, women in professional spaces, and senior citizens, addressing issues such as ‘coping with authority’, ‘performance anxiety’, ‘online harassment’, and ‘connecting across distances’.

Is TO for you?

Yes! TO is for everyone!
Centre for Community Dialogue and Change offers workshops and training in Theatre of the Oppressed for diverse populations - students, teachers and teacher trainers, healthcare professionals, senior citizens, women's groups, development professionals, artists, activists and more.
CCDC offers workshops on issues and themes that communities wish to address. Our workshops are designed to meet your needs, and therefore we are happy to schedule them – number of sessions, duration and timings – as per your convenience. We offer workshops in four languages- English, Hindi, Kannada and Tamil. A public Forum Theatre performance as a part of the workshop is offered in longer engagements.