Rajiv Ramaswamy CCDC

Rajiv Ramaswamy

Rajiv Ramaswamy has been an informal part of CCDC since 2014 where he contributed to the organisation of CCDC’s Diversity Dialogues conference. Since then Rajiv has volunteered, on many occasions, to support us with our digital outreach.

Rajiv has a varied background having graduated with a degree in Physics from the University of Sussex (UK) and then moving on to working at the National Brain Research Centre in Haryana (India) as a computational neuroscientist. He then worked with UNESCO MGIEP in Delhi (India) where he contributed to developing digital solutions to promote education and community development among youth around the world. Rajiv currently works with Avegen in Pune (India) where he leads the development of digital healthcare solutions for cardiovascular diseases and metabolics.

When CCDC decided to revamp its online presence with a new website, logo and other collaterals, having worked with Rajiv before, we reached out to him and he gladly offered to help reorganize the website content, create new content, and coordinate the building of our new website with an external agency.